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Just like a base race, for each doll you must use one of these themes.
However, unlike a base race, the base is up to you (within the base criteria you choose)
Read the rules so everyone's on the same page!

1. Nursery Rhymes (not to be confused with fairy tales - HINT - Remember to include the nursery rhyme you choose when you post your doll (or have it in/on the doll) That means the actual rhyme, not just the title!)
2. National Pride
3. Avatar Site (Menewsha, Gaia, etc)
4. Bad Habits
5. Renaissance
6. "Trapped"
7. Anthros (real animals, not fictional creatures)
8. Modernized Disney (main characters)
9. Shadows
10. Candy
11. "Mighty Figures in History" (Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, etc - must be from before 1900)
12. Electronics
13. Dinosaurs
14. Death
15. Military
16. Monochrome
17. Fictional Villains/Antagonists
18. My Little Pony/Pokémon Gijinkas (HINT)
19. Circus/Carnival
20. "Odd Pair" (put 2 things together that usually aren't seen paired together - ie: a winter pirate)
21. Inspired by a Drink (smoothie, margarita, ice cream float, soda, etc.)
22. Robot
23. Ocean/Under the Sea/Marine Life
24. Old Wives Tales (couldn't find 1 good link, so here are a few: HINT - HINT - HINT - HINT - HINT)
25. Royalty
26. Decades (20s, 50s, 60s, 80s, etc)
27. Desert (hot and full of sand, not sweet and delicious Razz lol)
28. Anime
29. Weddings
30. Dreams
31. Elemental
32. Generator (create a doll from this meme)
33. Fairy Tales (real ones, not Disney versions - HINT)
34. International
35. "Not Normally Cute" (do a cute doll of something like a devil, or someone barfing, etc)
36. Zoo
37. Time
38. Black & Rainbow
39. Fears
40. Modern Gods (made up deities for modern-day things, ie: internet god)
41. Classic Games (made in or before 1990)
42. Music
43. Wings
44. Re-doll **
45. Jungle
46. Disney Gone Wrong (evil to good, or good to evil?)
47. Aliens
48. Clichés (HINT)
49. Good Cause (recycling, cancer, feeding the hungry, etc)
50. Murder/Crime

** Guidelines for Re-Doll theme:
-- For this theme you must pick a previous doll of yours, at least a year old, and re-doll it! Show us how you've improved and/or what you would do differently! You can/should change things up with your new doll, as long as it stays similar to the original Don't just re-do a doll, same base, same everything, change some stuff up! Use a different base, add more details, etc.

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