Aurora's Race

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Aurora's Race

Post by Aurora on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:28 am

Hello all! My name's Aurora and this is my race thread! I'll post the dolls here as I finish them (or well... I'll post them in order here, I doubt I'll actually DO them in order XD)

I love base races because it's a great way to grab some inspiration, learn and improve, and be able to see how you have improved in just a short time! Plus if there's one thing about the dolling community I enjoy most, it's events! So I thought, why not hold one myself?! Not much going on around town nowadays anyways so here's to a summer filled with dolling fun!!

(I know this isn't a base race Razz but it's basically the same thing! )

My Website
or find me on Glam!

--> My dolls won't be included in awards and such, but I want to participate too, so I shall!


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