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Rule 01. You must doll yourself (or your partner) from real life.

  • Obviously it can be your interpretation of yourself, it doesn't have to match a picture, but it cannot be your Pokemon trainer self, or your anthro self with cat ears Razz
  • You and your partner decide whether you want to doll yourselves or each other.
  • The two of you must be enjoying a summer activity, also based in real life (so no galaxy hopping, or Pokemon challenges )
  • You can partner up with anyone you want!
  • Each team can only have two participants. No more, no less.
  • If you don't know who to team up with, or are looking for someone, check out THIS PAGE.
Rule 02. The base you choose to use is entirely up to you and your partner.

  • Please do not use a tiny base though; we want to actually be able to see the details.
  • No sprites.
  • You and your partner must both use the same base set; do not use two different bases.
  • Credit the base with a clickable link Exclamation
  • Even if you use your own base, please give us a link in case anyone wants to use it!
  • If the credit link is dead, you may use plain text (name of the site or the dead link)
  • If you can't remember who to credit, try posting on a forum and see if anyone can help. (you may still use that base, but please at least try)
  • Baseless dolls are allowed.
Rule 03. No dollmakers. No frankendolling. No frankenbasing.

Rule 04. Blood/gore and nudity is not allowed.

Rule 05. Props are mandatory! Backgrounds are encouraged!

  • You don't have to have a full-on background, but your entry does need to include things that help illustrate your chosen summer activity.
  • Your entry needs to be a whole image, not just two dolls next to each other.
  • All props, linearts, backgrounds, etc. must be 100% created by you or your partner Exclamation
  • Bases and palettes are the only exceptions.
  • This means no shrinking jpegs Razz
Rule 06. Small animations are allowed.

Rule 07. Dolls must be new to this contest.

  • Even if you have created a doll based on a summer activity before, please make something new for this.
  • You are more than welcome to double your entry for another event, as long as it's alright with that event's host, and with your partner.
Rule 08. Size limit is 550 x 550.

Rule 09. There can be only two dolls in your entry.

  • One doll of you, and one doll of your partner. You can not do a doll of yourself, your partner, and your boyfriends, or anyone else.
Rule 10. Only members will be able to participate.

  • (for anyone wondering, we want you to join our forum to post here so we can be sure it's actually you posting in your thread, otherwise, anyone could use your name and post. It will also allow you to edit your own posts, in case you want to update a doll or change something once posted, etc.)
If you have any questions, shimmy on over HERE. There are no stupid questions, even if you just want clarification on something, we'll get back to you asap!

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