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Post by Jasper on Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:40 am

Before you ask a question, please make sure it isn't answered here.

01. How do I enter?
Click on the button at the top of the page that says 'New Reply', then proceed to fill out the form that each host will provide you with, including your entry.

02. Do I have to be a member of this forum to enter?
No. (this will change however, if guests abuse the forum or we get attacked with spam)

03. Can I become a member?
Most definitely. Just click 'Register' in the navbar under the banner and follow the instructions. We'd love to have you!

04. Can you host my contests?
Sure. But first, please register and fill out the form found here.

05. Do I have to have a website to enter a contest?
Not unless the Host specifically requires it.

06. Do I have to credit the base/prop maker?
Always. Base, prop, anything you use that someone else made, you need to credit with a clickable link. (Make sure you pay attention to site's rules and credit requirements before using anything they have made)

07. Can my entry be baseless?
Yes, but please remember to state that when you post your entry.

08. Where do I comment or give CC on someone's doll?
You don't. This forum is exclusively for holding contests. If you are looking for a forum where you can do those things, please check out our Dolling Forum Links (found in the side bar on the right >>>).

09. Can I become a staff member?
The only way to be a staff member is to host your contests here (see #4 above), and then you really only moderate and control your own threads.

10. How do I make my entry a transparent .gif or .png?
I recommend Iaza.com. Upload your image, click the link that says 'convert to GIF' and then click the link that says 'transparent' (both links are at the top of the side columns). Click the color you want to transparentize, somewhere in the background if that's what you're doing, and then click 'convert'. NOTE: If your background is white, it will make all the white in your image transparent; it may be a good idea to make your background a color that isn't in your image (like neon green, etc) before you upload it to Iaza.com. After you click 'convert', you can either save it or click 'convert to PNG' and then save it. To save your image: click the doll so that it restores it to it's original size, right click the doll and save it to your computer. Then simply upload the .gif or .png to your image host (photobucket, imageshack, etc) and voila! FAQ 235145

If your question was not answered here, please visit the questions thread found here, and post your concern. Someone will address your inquiry within 24 hours. Please remember to read each Host's individual contest rules as well as the forum's overall rules before entering a contest, as one Host may have different restrictions than another. More questions will be added here if they occur more than once.

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