Did you read the Rules?

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Did you read the Rules?

Post by Jasper on Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:20 pm

(These rules are meant to be applied to all SMIRK community contests, not individual host's contests; they each have their own seperate rules)

01. Read the Forum Rules.
Find them here.

02. Minimal animation allowed.
Animation is allowed, but don't overdo it. Use your judgement to decide what is going overboard; if you are not sure and would like to double check before entering, please PM me and I'll let you know

03. Backgrounds/Props allowed.
You may add props and a background to your entry as long as you don't eclipse the doll. The doll should be the main focus of your entry (unless otherwise stated) Don't pile them under a million props. Please remember that any props/lineart you use needs to be credited with a clickable link just like a base.

04. Size limit 500 x 500.
Unless otherwise stated.

05. One entry per person.
Unless a specific contest allows you to enter more than one entry, please only enter once. This means you may only reply to each contest topic once. This does not mean you can enter twice in one reply. You may have up to 3 dolls in one image, but please make sure all three dolls are one image, not three seperate images.

Please pay attention to each contest's specific restrictions as these rules can be nullified if the contest calls for it. I can, and will, reject any entry that does not follow these rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know here and I will reply within 24 hours

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