How SMIRK Contests Are Judged

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How SMIRK Contests Are Judged

Post by Jasper on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:59 am

We here at SMIRK love contests, whether it's holding them, entering them, or simply dreaming up dolls to enter but never getting around to them. So we've left it open for all members, Founders and Hosts included, to enter the SMIRK community contests. Confetti/Party

You may ask, then who will judge and give out awards? We will be sending our contests to Just Our Judges when they're over, to be judged by a panel of unbiased dollers. Visit their site for more information on how they judge and how you can reach them if you'd like to use them for your own contests. Smile

Aurora will not be entering the SMIRK community contests unless there are six entries, just in case she needs to be the judge (since JOJ won't accept contests with less than 6 entries) If the contest is coming to a close and there are only 5 entries, she will enter to be the 6th, so we can send it on over to JOJ Cool

However, in the case that there are 4 or less entries, Aurora will step in and hand out awards, along with any other Hosts that did not enter. Awards will be handed out no matter how many entries we recieve, and you will be contacted when the voting is over Grin

There needs to be at least 5 entries for a People's Choice award. This award is not handled by JOJ; there will be a poll that everyone can vote in, here at the forum, that will be up for around a week.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns, about how we judge our contests, send um my way! Thumbs Up

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