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Post by Jasper on Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:06 pm

Please read and follow these rules before entering in any SMIRK contests. Don't forget to also read each Host's individual rules for their contests. If you have any questions regarding the rules found on this page feel free to email or pm one of the Founders. Thank you.

01. SMIRK is tentatively PG-13.
Keep that in mind when making your doll. Excessive gore is not acceptable nor is any uneccesary nudity (unless a contest specifically asks for it). If you have a doll that you are unsure of, PM the contest Host before entering it and he/she will either accept or deny it. (Doubt this will be an issue, but it had to be said )

02. Credit
Credit any and all bases or props you use in/with your doll with a clickable link. If it is your base, you must still give us a link; if it is baseless, just say so. And please remember that this includes any and all props, linearts, backgrounds, animal parts, etc, that you use! ANYTHING that you did not make yourself, needs to be credited, unless the artist specifically states that you don't have to.

03. No Frankendolling
If we catch you frankendolling you will be banned. We do NOT tolerate this. If you do not know what frankendolling is, please go here.

04. .GIF or .PNG Format and Transparent Backgrounds
Please make sure any entry you submit is in a .gif or .png format, the background is transparent, and it is cropped (no extra space around the doll). If you can not do this, please read #10 on our FAQ page. After giving that a shot, if you are still lost, PM a Founder or Host and they will help you. If your doll requires that the background not be transparent, that's fine, we understand there are sometimes exceptions, but please make the background match the board.

05. Be Original
Don't steal someone else's idea or copy their work. Unless it is a base edit contest or something along those lines, try to use a base that someone else hasn't already used in that contest, or do a character that hasn't been entered yet, etc. etc. etc.

06. Placeholding is up to each individual Host
Check their rules page to find out if they allow it or not. If you say you are going to enter someone's contest, and they hold a place for you, please enter their contest or send them notification if you aren't going to be able to make it. As for the SMIRK contests, held by myself, I do not allow placeholding. Just post your entry when you have it finished.

07. No Commenting
This isn't a dolling forum where you post your dolls and get comments and critiques. This is a contest forum where you enter dolls to be judged against other dollers. If you want comments, or you want to comment, then try joining one of the dolling forums found on the sidebar (>>>) under 'Dolling Forums'.

Exclamation We have the right to refuse your entry if it violates any of these rules. Exclamation

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