Sign Ups - OPEN

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Sign Ups - OPEN

Post by Jasper on Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:06 am

To make sure no one cheats and starts their doll early, we will be assembling the teams, and we are keeping who is on what team a secret. We are also not sharing which team is dolling which theme and on which base, for the same reasons. There is absolutely no way to ensure that no one cheats, but we're trying to do our best to make it as fair for everyone involved as possible.

SO! If you've read up on the event, know what's going on, and want to participate, reply to this thread and we'll add your name to the list!

Use this form:
[color=white]Email:[/color] [i](so we can send your team info privately)[/i]
[color=white]Website/DA:[/color] [i](would you rather be contacted on DA?)[/i]
[color=white]Top 3 Bases You'd Like to Use:[/color]
[color=white]Top 3 Themes You'd Like to Use:[/color]
[color=white]Any Theme/Base You Do Not Want to Use?:[/color]
[color=white]Are You a Member of Glam!?:[/color]
(can't promise you'll get your top choices, but we will try not to put you on the team with the theme/base you don't want - we want you to want to do your doll for this afterall )

Here's a list of the themes you might end up with:

1. Bloody Wedding
2. Protesters (against something doll-related; ie: frankendolling, traced bases, etc)
3. Anime Convention - Male Cosplay (can change pants to a skirt, etc)
4. Grave-Robbers @ Midnight
5. Gypsies
6. Air Pirates
7. Inspired by Dessert (Like Strawberry Shortcake)
8. Super Hero Elementals
9. Famous Evil Bitches
10. Inspired by Mixed Drinks

And here are the bases that we have set aside for the teams:
(if we end up needing more, they'll be similar to these...)

1. Apitchou's Opale - LINK (under bases)
2. Lithriel's Little Stardust - LINK
3. Nicolabear's Baby Gurl - LINK & LINK
4. Mariiii's Cinnamon - LINK
5. Lithriel's Twilight - LINK
6. Duckie's "The Director" - LINK (obviously you won't be on this team if you're not a member of Glam!)

Sign-Up Sheet
- Shixam

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Re: Sign Ups - OPEN

Post by Shixam on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:32 am

Name: Shixam
Top 3 Bases You'd Like to Use: Director, Twilight, Little Stardust
Top 3 Themes You'd Like to Use: Air Pirates, Inspired by Mixed Drinks, Inspired by Dessert
Any Theme/Base You Do Not Want to Use?: Nope =)
Are You a Member of Glam!?: yes

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