Miya Base by Mariiii

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Miya Base by Mariiii

Post by Aurora on Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:26 pm

Interested in participating in this thread? SIGN UP!
Make sure you've read THE RULES!

Base Credit: Mariiii
(direct link to base)

How It Works:
The first person to sign up will visit the base maker's site to retrieve the pose shown above.
(couldn't post it here since that would be redistributing )
Take your turn, add one item, and when you're done, save the WIP as a .png.
(no .gifs please, so we won't have any monsters along the way XD)
When your WIP is done, reply to this thread and put the image directly in the post. (don't link it out)
Obviously, you don't have to make the image transparent, as it is a WIP, and people will be editing it after you Exclamation
(even MSPaint allows you to save as a .png, so no one should have a problem with this,
since you don't have to worry about transparency Razz Easy as pie!)

The second person on the waiting list, can then save the WIP to their computer,
take their turn, add their one item, and reply to this thread with their edited WIP.
And so on, and so forth, until it is complete!

Any questions you have about this activity should be asked in this thread!
(keep this thread free of clutter for the WIPs -- Thanks )

Waiting List:


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