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Rule 01. You are only responsible for creating one item.

  • Each completed doll will feature items and clothes created by different users.
  • You cannot add more than one item per doll.
  • The item you add can literally be anything you want. No themes or anything on this one to follow.
Rule 02. You cannot change, edit, or cover up any previous additions to the base.

  • You cannot change something someone added, into something else. For example: if someone adds a bra to the base, you cannot change the bra into a spaghetti strap shirt.
  • You cannot edit or "fix something" on anyone else's work; shading, palette, outline, nada!
  • You cannot cover anyone's previous work with your own. For example: if someone adds a bra to the base, you cannot cover the bra with a shirt. You can create a shirt around the bra, or place a shirt on the base that's open, so the bra is still visible. (covering small parts of someone else's work is allowed, as long as most of it, or the main part, is still showing; example: obviously a jacket over a shirt will cover up the shirt sleeves, that's ok, as long as the jacket is left open so we can still see most of the shirt underneath.)
  • Everyone's work should be visible in the end!
Rule 03. You do not get to choose the bases.

  • We have picked out a bunch of bases to use for these activities, and will have them available for you to see before you sign up.
Rule 04. You are allowed to edit the base.

  • All the bases we chose for this activity allow base editing, but we listed the links to each base maker's site, if you want to go and check yourself.
  • If you edit the base in any major way (skin tone palette, moving a limb, adding/subtracting a limb, full face edits, etc) that will be considered your 'one item', and your turn will be over.
  • Minor edits (making fingers wrap around item, editing the outline along your clothes, etc) will not take up your turn.
  • All base edits are final. So if one person changes the skin tone, no one else will able to change it to another palette. Or if one person moves an arm to a completely different position, no one else will be able to move that arm back to its original position, or a new position.
Rule 05. Nudity is not allowed. Artistic blood/gore is allowed.

Rule 06. Backgrounds and props are encouraged!

  • Again, only one item per person. You cannot add one clothing item and one prop. If you want your one item to be a prop or background though, go for it!
  • Backgrounds are open to interpretation... if you want to do a simple background or a big elaborate background, that's up to you, and either way, will be considered one item.
  • NOTE: A background that is a scene will be considered one item. However, a 'background' that is made up of singular items (like a tree, a barrel, and a picnic table) will be considered 3 separate items!
  • All props, linearts, backgrounds, etc. must be 100% created by you Exclamation
  • Bases and palettes are the only exceptions.
  • This means no shrinking jpegs Razz
Rule 07. Animations are not allowed.

Rule 08. No dollmaker items. No frankendolling. No frankenbasing.

  • Any items added in these activities must be new! Don't take items you've created previously on these, or other, bases, and use them for this event.
Rule 09. Size limit is "common sense".

  • If we can't see the whole image without scrolling, and/or it stretches the page, it's a no-no.
Rule 10. Only members will be able to participate.

  • (for anyone wondering, we want you to join our forum to post here so we can be sure it's actually you posting in your thread, otherwise, anyone could use your name and post. It will also allow you to edit your own posts, in case you want to update a doll or change something once posted, etc.)
If you have any questions, shimmy on over HERE. There are no stupid questions, even if you just want clarification on something, we'll get back to you asap!

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